Hello, my fellow friends!
Since I have installed Windows 10 Home (clean install) on my HP G62 Notebook, I can't quite access my Hitachi Touro Mobile Pro Black 500GB. When I plug it in, it takes minutes until I can open the hard drive in the explorer. I tried to copy a folder which contains about 100 MB of data to my C:\ but it didnt't work: It gets stuck at the point where the Notebook is estimating the time needed to copy the files and stays there estimating forever... Of course I opened the Task Manager to see what was going on and my Hitachi Touro Mobile was at 100%. The strange thing is: even when I plug the hard drive in and do nothing with it the Task Manager says it's at 100%. I like Win 10 a lot except for this problem and don't want to have to return to Win 7.
I am very thankfull for all answers and comments :)