since a few weeks none of my keyboards work.
first i suspected the usb slot, so i plugged it to anothe, when this was no help to yet another.
since then the device manager shows 3 hid keyboards, all with error 39.
i ried to unistall them and restart the pc. all three are there again.
then i tried a wireless keyboard, then a ps2. error39 again.
next ichechecked the drivers. kbdclass.sys was common to all.
i tested this module with dependency walker and foundthat kbdclass.sys calls ntoskrnl.exe wich calls further modules.some are found, but a number are reported missing. all are apistubs with names beginning with EXT-MS-WIN-.
i spoke with a friend with the same os, and he sent me some files, but he did not have any of these EXT-MS-WIN- files but his keyboard is ok.
i tried to finda downloadable keyboard driver package, but could not find any.
i downloaded some packages wick claimed, that they may help. ( asr, reimage, etc) on the download site they said that they are free, but after a diagnose run they wanted money to do the "repair" job.some even made errors in identifying the number of kerns of my cpu. so i simply deintalled these cheatware progs and i am still looking for solution.
i found reports of problems caused by ntoskrnl.exe. some of these, like sudden freezing ofthe pc or extremely high cpu loads happened by me too.
slowly i am tried of using the on-screen keyboard.