Hi folks

If you like kindles and are using an older paperwhite version Amazon has released software / firmware update -- has much nicer interface, extra fonts including the new Bookerly which makes it almost identical to real paperback font, you can adjust the size of the fonts much more gradually (more steps) plus brightness of device and you can optionally display your local time (optionally) while reading. Search is better too.

Works even on old paperwhites (it might update two times), 1 if device software was earlier than 2016 to the 2016 update and then to the latest version which is what you need.

Can be done either from the device itself (enable wifi and switch off and on again) or download from Windows with kindle attached to computer.

Well worth the software update if just for the bookerly font.

I use these a lot when travelling - much better than squawking at small mobile phone screens and saves carrying a load of paperbacks around if you enjoy reading.

BTW you aren't limited to amazons books only -- Calibre (great Free program) will convert epub etc into amazon MOB and AZI3 Formats.

calibre - E-book management