Windows 1809 A Windows endorsed and sold tablet with latest operation system loosing driver on every other start. I even have the windows driver update turned off.

What happens almost every time is the audio also looses its driver and a manual add and remove of the driver window replaces it with and then doing a device manager hardware change to see it again .

It has a realtek sound with software from the manufacture and still looses it everytime.

I called the company and reported this problem a few times they only replace the system with a earlier version of windows that has no issues and windows update instantly changes it with a newer OS.
And Microsoft warns of no security updates if left on that older OS.

Nuvision solo 10 draw tm101w610lpk

Messed up part is that the 3 drivers the manufacture supplies keeps 2 and they are completely fine working
1 Lan driver
1 Bluetooth driver
But the 1 mic driver..... Ive tried everything and anything..
Help would be appreciated