I do have a Toshiba laptop no longer playing music or movie after updating from Windows 8 to 10 online. In my computer, I see the icon of the CD/DVD but when I put a commercial cd music or video, different one, I do have the same popup windows asking to insert the CD. I am not able to view the content at all of all cd I tried.

Searching the net, common solution were provided with no success.

In device manager I uninstall the driver of the cd, and ide controller, rebooted. The new driver did reinstalled but still unable to view the content of the cd.

in control panel, there is an application who search problem with your devices. No error found

On the internet it ask to use and application call fix it, but it's not free.

On the internet it suggest to re edit the registry. The details where to go online does not match what I have on my laptop.

I don't think resetting windows 10 to default will work, because cd never played at all in windows 10.
Most solution on the internet including the manufacturer lead to the following steps below. I had no luck,

How to Fix a DVD or CD Drive Not Working or Missing in Windows 10

Can someone help me out?