Windows 10: Manufacturers discontinuing drivers release among windows updates

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    Manufacturers discontinuing drivers release among windows updates

    Ok I have posted earlier that my lenovo conexant audio driver with dolby speakers acts faulty with windows update 1803 (No sound output) and i have been having no luck contacting their support as apparently support now is only granted within warranty span in my region .

    Now I found out that lenovo has adopted a new trend of posting which of their laptops had been "tested" on various windows updates and pointing that if a laptop model is not listed in its test result lists then it is not "eligible" for the update .

    Now apparently lenovo realized that windows 10 is going to stay for a while and has no plans to continue supporting / updating all their laptops device drivers as Microsoft do their schematic changes . so all they do now is checking if what's already there would work or not . (Now I realize why this laptop performance degraded miserably on creators fall update 1709 as its not on its eligible list)

    Now this calls for a little brain storming :

    - Does this mean whichever laptop with drivers that fail to work / malfunctions on a certain windows update is stuck to previous build ?

    - Will windows continue to update older windows builds as it does for the new ones security / maintenance wise ?

    - Are we on verge of an era where windows users will start manipulating drivers just like linux users do all the time or maybe driver moder communities will rise to do so ?

    - Can one now go back a build ? for example if i was happier with laptop's performance on build 1703 , is there a mean i can downgrade back to that build and expect windows to continue its maintenance to it ?

    - Are we expecting now certain apps / programs to be released to certain windows builds with no backward compatibility ?

    P.S Relaying on windows default device drivers isnt always the answer since the manufacture driver is usually more optimal with added features , applications , controls , higher volume . one can hardly trade that for a (going by) state so please refrain from that advice .
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    1 If your hardware drivers cannot work with the next Windows version you are stuck with the version for which they do work.

    2 Previous Versions are supported for a limited time - see Windows lifecycle fact sheet for the support periods and Windows 10 update history for the currently-available Cumulative updates.

    3 You can certainly clean install an older version if you kept its ISO file / installation USB. I do not know if you'd be able to run the much simpler Repair install / InPlace upgrade procedure as you would if you were updating instead of downdating. I have never seen anybody report having tried it.

    4 There are bound to be applications that have compatibility problems with different Windows versions.

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    Wow 18 months of support per build .

    So long for the XP days , it lasted for 12 years :)

    A little question now , there were rumors Microsoft wanted to release a windows version code-named Windows Live (sometimes 360 too) where is not to be preseaded by any other version but rather constantly updated online , did microsoft rather discard the thought and implemented the idea over Windows 10 ? is this what is going on now ? or Windows 10 is rumored to be replaced any time soon ?

    Wooo yes ! Microsoft made 10 to be its windows live (Microsoft confirms there will be no Windows 11 | TechRadar) now everything makes sense !
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    Windows 10 will go on & on & on. They have been saying that for three years.

    WinXP SP0 did not last for 12 years, WinXP SP1 did not last for 12 years, WinXP SP3 did not last for 12 years. So different Windows 10 Versions are similarly limited.

    I know nothing of how Lenovo operates but there is normally a difference between getting fault-related warranty support and being able to download updated drivers & BIOS. Even though you have no warranty cover they might still maintain their drivers for you to download. I am still getting updated drivers & BIOS for my 18 month old computer [but not for my 8 & 13 year old ones].

    If it is any encouragement, my 2005 Dell Inspiron 9300 is happily running Windows 10. Its drivers are a mixture of XP, Vista & Windows 7 drivers. Apart from being much slower than more modern computers, its only shortcomings are so minor that you'd accuse me of nitpicking if I listed them all [all 3 of them].

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    You might have been referring to Microsoft 365 earlier. It's a package of software products not a software product in its own right.

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    There is more information about Microsoft 365 in this TenForums thread - Introducing Microsoft 365

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  7.    08 May 2018 #7

    nope back when windows 10 were about to release there were a lot of articles claiming this to be the final release of numbered versions of windows and that next one will be a version that is continuously updated on the internet and they started giving it rumored names that i mentioned . back then not even microsoft claimed this is how windows 10 would be like , i think it was a combo of inside intel and lucid imagination that formed such articles.

    so yea i see , i am supposed to experiment with older and new drivers and different windows version ones and reinstalling in windows test mode etc , that's what people had to do when both intel and microsoft decided to pull off from non integrated intel graphics card of the GMA series , is a headache though :)
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    The current bi-annual updates are instead of service packs and to be honest I'd much rather have the current situation.
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    swarfega said: View Post
    The current bi-annual updates are instead of service packs and to be honest I'd much rather have the current situation.
    not when you have a 2 year old laptop that both your manufactor and microsoft decide it cant play audio on current build for example :)
    thank god i bought another few months back , but this trend can outdate laptops pretty quick
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    Longevity of drivers has always been an issue, even back in XP days, it's nothing new.
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