Hi Folks
For certain legacy apps you can still run them in Virtual Machines

On the whole I prefer current system of regular updates.

Once you get to a point where an application or piece of hardware fails to work simply roll back to the version that worked and run as a Virtual machine -- Virtual Machines run easily and efficiently on todays hardware -- even a modest laptop will cope adequately.

I'm still running successfully an XP VM running Minidisc recording and play back software !! works fine.
For really expensive legacy hardware such as specialized laboratory testing equipment etc. you can run these as stand alone dedicated computers.

Every so often though newer advances in physics / storage technology, power management will probably make it worthwhile to update to a newer computer but there's no evil scheme here of "planned obsolescence".

Choose what works for you -- for a lot of people old computers still running W7 are perfectly OK for what they want to do - for others this solution isn't practicable.

Avoid though being sucked into too many monthly subscriptions --if Windows became a Monthly subscription I'd certainly switch to Linux completely. !