I would like to ask for some help regarding the new Windows 10 April update. I'm running the 64 bit version of Windows 10 Professional.

I've always had issues with the built in Windows 10 surround sound since it never seemed to work no matter what I tried. Enabling it resulted in no sound difference. Thankfully my Realtek HD Audio driver had a virtual surround setting which worked fine until the 1803 update.

Since then it wasn't working even when I reticked the box multiple times to reenable it. I've tried enabling and disabling Windows Sonic, but as usual, nothing changed. In the end I tried reinstalling the R2.82 driver to see if that fixes the issue, but that didn't help either.

I've also tried updating the Realtek driver to the latest one found in this thread (version but I when I open the Realtek HD Audio audio manager and enable the Virtual Surround nothing changes, the sounds remain like when the Virtual Surround is disabled.

I've tried installing the version once I've found the link for it but with that driver installed the Virtual Surround setting is gone from the Realtek HD Audio audio manager.