Hallo i want to ask if the intel z97 chipset is compatible with the vl805 usb3 pcie controller.
I have 2 pcs and old one p5q with q9400 and a new one with asrock z97 aniversary and a i7 4790.
If i put in the p5q the card vl805 and connect my usb3 hard drive enclosure it work ok.
If i put the card vl805 in z97 motherboard my hard drive connect and diconnect in large copy paste folder(50gb).
If i change the vl805 with a reneseas chipset usb card my hard drive works.

it is possible the via vl805 and z97 to not be compatible.
I test the configurations above 2 hours and every time the renesas chipset work in both motherboards and the vl805 works ok only in the p5q.
Anyone has used sucessfully and reliably a vl805 in haswell motherboard?
I have windows 10x64 latest updates-firmwares and bioses .