My laptop has a Synaptic precision touchpad (there are no specific gesture menus under the mouse settings, just whatever windows shows me under the touchpad menu in the metro setting app). I'm running SCU 1803 as I'm in the release preview ring. I've had the advanced configuration for 3 fingers working and with both swiping and tapping function normally and can be customized ever since the 1703 update.

However, I had NO options for 4 finger gestures. I already uninstalled the drivers from the device manager and let windows update it but I still can't activate a four gesture option. Any help would be appreciated since my precision touchpad should be supported after all. My laptop is an Acer Nitro 791g running the latest synaptic drivers I tried contacting Microsoft's support but they weren't of much help. So I ignored this issue for a year until now.

Today, I went through Microsoft catalogue and manually updated my synaptic driver to which somehow enabled the 4 gesture controls. But these do not work even with uninstalling, reinstalling and restarting. (as if 4 fingers aren't recognized by the touchpad).

Any idea on what I can do? Precision touchpads ARE supposed to support 4 fingers no?

Thank you.