Until last year-summer the Bluetooth connection was working perfectly: the headsets were connecting automatically, once the connection was activated. If for some time there was no sound playing, the headsets were disconnecting automatically, then, when the sound was becoming active again, the headsets were connecting back automatically.

After the latest big update (now I run: 1709 build 16299.309) things have changed: indeed the headsets connect automatically once the Bluetooth is activated, but then if the sound doesn't play for less than 15 seconds the headsets disconnect and then they don't connect again automatically if I play any sound. Personally I truly don't understand how could someone imagine this to be a good idea. I guess the people who wrote the new versions of drivers are completely retarded; there is absolutely no other explanation (maybe someone else has another idea ?). It is very annoying because it defeats the purpose of having wireless headsets.

I know about the Toshiba stack, which runs well on Windows 10 x64 (if someone is interested) and I used it with an old good-quality Bluetooth dongle (but I have only one like this and I keep it for something else. I bought two others and they are completely rubbish, with a very short range).

So, what solutions are to fix these issues ? Any ideas on a good long range BT dongle ?
Now, I run 60 seconds long silence sequence on a light player to keep this BT connection alive (and it works), but is there a way to have an automatic connection/disconnection of the BT, like in the "old-times" ?