My girlfriend has some issues with her W10 PC. She's on the normal builds (not Insider), latest updates.

The PC is able to read other USB sticks, so the ports are not broken. The phone is identified by the PC, but it only works as a charger. When the state is changed to MTP, nothing appears in My Computer.

I tried to hook it to my W7 work laptop and everything was fine. I have to add that no drivers for the phone were installed on my part.

Any idea if this is a known glitch with W10? I'm on the Skip Ahead builds, so I don't think it's relevant if I check it on my personal laptop.

Thing is, the phone was seen by the PC just fine until a while ago (I don't know what ago means, girls have weird time perception when it comes to technology).

Any hints on what can I do to fix this?