Motherboard post without bleep sound

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  1.    08 Mar 2018 #1

    Motherboard post without bleep sound

    My new mobo gigabyte Z370 d3h it boots normal but does not bleep or make any sound during the start and I know there is speaker and is working.
    The question now: how important to have the bleep sound?
    The mobo is brand new you think I should return it?
    Thank you
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       08 Mar 2018 #2

    Well, I don't think you need to return the motherboard. If it fire's up and everything is working fine, no need. From what I know, the speaker option is usually for testing purpose's, to insure the mobo is working properly. The motherboard make's a sound when there are error's upon initializing it. Check your manual because each beep is specific to each error.
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    So the bleeping sound have a purpose then, maybe it bleeps only when there is error,
    I am going to remove the rams and see if it bleeps.
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    I have removed the ram sticks, but there is no bleeping error code.
    I am going to send it back
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    Most motherboards haven't made a beep sound at pc startup for atleast 4 or 5 year's now.
    They only time you'll hear a beep sound is if their's a serious problem, otherwise you hear nothing until you're in Windows.
    Nothing at all to be concerned about.
    Your pc started up, correct? It work's correct, right.
    No problems then and no company will do a RMA for a non-existant problem and if they or the store do you'll get a restocking charge for a non-issue.
    To me that would be a dumb waste of your money.
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  6.    08 Mar 2018 #6

    Removing the r.a.m., s.s.d./h.d.d. mouse, keyboard or monitor cable won't produce a beep. Your p.c. just won't work as all of those need to be installed and plugged in for the motherboard to work.
    Same for the p.s.u./power supply unit.
    P.S. Did you set the Settings in the mobo's UEFI ?
    Did you install Windows ?
    If yes, did you update the UEFI, install drivers, update Windows and if using Windows 10 the Store app's.
    If not to updates and driver's do that and stop worrying about your working motherboard.
    Removing r.a.m, etc. and not putting in a differnt set of the same sort of hardware does nothing, but make a perfectly fine working device a non-working device.
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    That "bleep" is supposed to come of your MB and it's speaker/beeper and is a part of POST code. If it doesn't have it mounted on the MB it might have a connector for it at Front controls connectors and you can connect a small speaker to it.
    Something like this: Motherboard System Speaker NEW | eBay
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  8.    08 Mar 2018 #8

    My understanding is that these days most mainboards only emit an error beep if there's a problem with video output. Otherwise, they rely on the screen to display POST errors (if set that way)... but I guess it depends on the manufacturer.
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  9.    08 Mar 2018 #9

    RickC said: View Post
    My understanding is that these days most mainboards only emit an error beep if there's a problem with video output. Otherwise, they rely on the screen to display POST errors (if set that way)... but I guess it depends on the manufacturer.
    Don't know about "most" but all of mine do but no beeper/speker is on MBs.
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  10.    08 Mar 2018 #10

    Wire to speaker the wrong way round? or not connected to the correct pins on the motherboard check and then double check.
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