I've been using an external mouse and keyboard with my laptop for a while now. A few days ago, the mouse stopped working. It's a wired mouse and the red light comes on when it's plugged in. At the same time, the top row of keys on my wired keyboard stopped working (the volume controls, mail button, home, customizable buttons, etc.). When I plug the mouse in, it appears under Other Devices in the Device Manager, listed twice as a USB Input Device. When I try to update the driver automatically, it says Windows was unable to. The mouse doesn't work in safe mode. I tried a wireless mouse as well and it doesn't work either. My external keyboard shows up under keyboards as an HID Keyboard Device and Windows says the best drivers for my device are already installed. I've tried all three USB ports and the mouse works on another computer. The built-in keyboard and touch pad on my laptop still work fine. What else can I do? Thanks in advance.