Windows 10: Need driver for AMD E450 processor Solved

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  1.    26 Feb 2018 #1

    Need driver for AMD E450 processor

    I will be extremely grateful if anyone can help me. I have an HP Compaq system that has had a bad case of indigestion, and has fallen over. Windows 10 64-bit has been deleted – the hard disk is wiped - and I need to reinstall Windows.
    Obviously I’d like a file / disk from which I can do a reinstall, then start downloading my data files (which are on an external drive), but if necessary I can purchase a new Windows 10 install set so long as it is supplied on media, not as a download. My concern is that I appear to need special drivers for the AMD processor / graphics, and it’s not obvious to me that an ‘off-the-shelf’ version will work – if it it doesn’t I want something tangible to send back for a refund!
    Here’s the details:
    I have an HP Compaq 1150AN with all HP peripherals. This was purchased/upgraded to Windows 10 64-bit Home edition fully licensed. I have a recovery 8GB USB made on this system.
    A week ago, after a Win10 update, I ran Disk Cleanup; it seemed to be taking a very long time, but I left it alone while I did other things. After maybe an hour it wiped my screen and a reboot gave me the message “No operating system found”. The system is unusable.
    I plugged in the recovery disk (USB), and booted from this. I selected the option “Startup Repair”, but this failed with the message “Startup Repair couldn’t repair your PC”.
    I then booted from a Windows 10 64-bit installation copy (USB) taken from an Acer laptop (Intel Celeron processor). I selected “Install now”, got the msg “Setup is starting” then a message “A media driver your computer needs is missing”. I copied onto the USB every possible driver I could find – sound, screen (S2021a), CD-ROM, chipset, etc,but the AMD site told me drivers for their ‘E’ series processors were only available from Microsoft, and I think the ‘missing driver’ message is probably related to this.
    I selected “Repair your computer”, shelled out (Troubleshoot/Command Prompt).
    DISKPART showed 2 disks – the SATA 500GB hard drive and a USB 8GB drive.
    Disk 0 …… 465GB,
    Disk1 ……..8000MB
    Partition 1 ….Primary …..100MB...1024KB
    Partition 2…..Primary……465GB…101MB
    Partition 3…..Primary……450MB...465GB
    LIST VOLUME shows:
    Volume 0..H……………………DVD-ROM….....No media
    Volume 1..C..System………….NTFS…100MB
    Volume 2..E..Windows………..NTFS…465GB
    Volume 3..F..Windows RE……NTFS ...450MB
    Volume 4..D..ESD-USB………FAT32..7999MB
    All logical hard drive volumes (C, E, F) are accessible and have 0 files.
    Can anyone tell me where (and how) to get a copy of Windows that works for the following hardware:
    Product Specs:
    Motherboard H-AFT1-uDTX-1 (Adina2)
    Processor AMD Fusion E450 (Zacate) Dual Core processor
    Graphics Integratedgraphics using AMD Radeon HD 6320
    Sound Integrated Realtek ALC662 Audio
    Monitor Compaq S2021a
    Any and all help will be very gratefully received.
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  2.    26 Feb 2018 #2

    Hi, it may help you to research your graphics card and driver thus:
    AMD Radeon HD 6320 "windows 10"
    No drivers for HD6320 on Windows 10 | Community
    (Sorry, not a pleasant discussion at times, but it seems you may well be out of luck in Win 10 here).
    That said, some have had success by using older versions of graphics drivers than MS offers, and blocking the installation of later versions.

    You can freely download Win 10 installation iso's - but it seems you don't want to do that.
    Nonetheless this is what you would do to create a bootable Win 10 installation disk. Note that any iso can install Home or Pro- the correct version will be activated based on your digital entitlement as Win 10 was previously installed. No key needed.

    And as you've already had Win 10 on your PC you don't need to buy a license.

    Download Windows 10 ISO File Windows 10 Tutorials
    Create Bootable USB Flash Drive to Install Windows 10 Windows 10 Tutorials

    Clean Install Windows 10 Windows 10 Tutorials

    I then booted from a Windows 10 64-bit installation copy (USB) taken from an Acer laptop (Intel Celeron processor)
    If by that you meant it was a clean Windows 10 installer from MS, fine- if it was current. If it was something particular to or derived from that other PC, no. I wouldn't be sure what that was. Start with a freshly downloaded copy of the latest build as above.

    Given what has happened, before you go much further, I recommend you test the disk. E.g. download and create Kyhi's boot disk from the top of the Software and Apps section here, boot your PC from it, run HD Tune (one of the many utilities on the disk) (Health and Error Scan tabs).
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  3.    26 Feb 2018 #3

    davryn said: View Post
    Obviously I’d like a file / disk from which I can do a reinstall, then start downloading my data files (which are on an external drive), but if necessary I can purchase a new Windows 10 install set so long as it is supplied on media, not as a download.
    You don't need to buy a new version (if you can install Windows 10 it will activate automatically). Downloading Windows 10 from Microsoft is free (links in post above).

    You can buy Windows on USB from Microsoft but this would be pointless as (a) it would be exactly the same as you download from their site, (b) you'd have to wait for them to post it and (c) you'd be spending $120 (or whatever) buying a second license when you already have one.

    Perhaps you were worried about downloads being genuine but it is how Windows is delivered now and is the safest way to do it as long as you go to Microsoft site.

    As @dalchina said above this would be better than trying to use an installer designed for another PC.

    If you are starting from a standard Microsoft installer and it fails (most likely it will not) you can add drivers to it.

    I'd suggest giving it a go as described above and if it fails you can post the error logs (SetUpErr.log and SetUpAct.log) here so we can see what is required.
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  4.    26 Feb 2018 #4

    Thanks dalchina

    Hi, many thanks for that very quick reply. I did use the MS Media Creation Tool to create an installation USB on a borrowed Acer Pentium. My thought process was that the download was somehow cognisant that the environment in which I was downloading was Intel, so it wasn't downloading AMD drivers. I'm now doing it all again (not holding my breath - how long can it take to download 8GB?), this time as an ISO file which I'll then burn to USB and try once more. But I don't have great hopes.

    What doesn't make sense to me is that prior to the wipeout on my HP with AMD Radeon graphics, it was running nicely under the latest build of Win10 64bit, (and with re the noted problem that Asus laptop user had, I seem to recollect it was running Catalyst 15.7.something, and although I got periodic updates to version 16, these never worked - but 15.7 did - weird?). It was several days after I received the update to Win 10 that Disk Cleanup went berserk - at least, I can't think what else can have caused the problem, as it was the only task running at the time, I was having tea, and the 'Cleanup' took over an hour - which I guess is reasonable if you're erasing an entire disk!?!

    [Late Addition] When I say the Disk Cleanup cleaned up, I mean, booting from the so-called 'Recovery Disk' (USB), the following sequence (my responses in bold):
    Volume in drive C is System
    Volume Serial Number is 0EFB-32A8
    Directory of C:\
    File Not Found
    [end late added useless time-wasting comment]

    ... Sooo, assuming I run into the same problem again, I guess my next move would be to revert to, say, Win 8.1?? What do you think; can you advise me how to get a Win 8.1 iso file? If I can install an earlier version of Windows to work, I can upgrade it to 10 later. I mean, that was what worked before the whole system went pear shaped.

    Anyways, many thanks, wish me luck, I'll see how my Media Creation of an iso is going.
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  5.    26 Feb 2018 #5

    You can get 8.1 from here: Download Windows 8.1

    I don't know if installing 8.1 would be more successful than 10 though as they are basically the same.

    I have ATI x1600 graphics on one of my laptops so it is definitely possible to get old things going. That installed fine and I added driver after although I have seen some threads where installation results in black screen.

    Anyway Media Creation Tool should only be about 4GB and it will create the USB for you if you want (rather than making the ISO and doing it yourself).

    If it fails again please post some pictures of the exact error message and (if possible) the logs.

    And good luck :)
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  6.    26 Feb 2018 #6

    thanks lx07

    Wow you guys are quick off the mark, I thought a reply sometime this week would have been great.

    In short, I had win 10 running well on my HP for a long time and then something went hyperbolic, the disk got wiped, and I can't reinstall Windows - missing driver whem I use a USB created by MS Media Creation tool.

    So there's no issue around what installation tool I'm using. I had a stock-standard HP CQ1150AN, Win10 64-bit, Radeon Graphics. It went sinusoidal, and when I attempt to re-install win 10 from a USB created by Media Creation Tool, it fails because it says it has a missing driver. So, the system, prior to it's demise was running perfectly happily with fully updated Win 10 and Radeon Graphics - I think vsn 15.7, but attempting to re-install from USB says missing driver.

    In essence, I guess I'm asking, if there's no easy solution in Win 10, what version do I need to go back to, and why could I walk merrily through the updates to and at Win 10 without a problem, but I can't do a raw reinstall?
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  7.    26 Feb 2018 #7

    Need to see the logs.

    If the error is because of a missing driver it will tell you which and you can add it to the install media. This is fairly easy - you can just make a $WinPEDriver$ directory on the USB and stick them in there (once you know what they are).

    If you google "A media driver your computer needs is missing" it is normally caused by corrupt installation media though so trying again is the best bet - perhaps with a different USB key (or port) and perhaps letting the Media Creation Tool put the files on itself.

    Personally I'd keep on trying to clean install 10 at least until it is clear why it isn't working as installing a previous version and upgrading is a terribly long winded way and not guaranteed to work any better.
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  8.    26 Feb 2018 #8

    tks lx07

    Ah, I think you are illuminating my digital soul! The logs - what logs... we have logs of this? One of my unspoken moans was that when the Win 10 install failed, it complained there was a missing driver, but not what was missing. Do I sense from what you are saying that there is a fuller explanation n the 'logs', and that these are written to the USB from which I am booting? Point me in the right direction and the 'logs' are yours!

    Oh, BTW, thanks for the Win 8.1 link, I'll try that later, if I can't get 10 working.

    [And please excuse any apparent frivolity on my part, it's half past 9 p.m. in Oz, and I've had a day of trying to get this ******* computer at least up on its knees]
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  9.    26 Feb 2018 #9

    Log files are listed e.g. here (under heading -yes- Log Files):
    Resolve Windows 10 upgrade errors - Windows IT Pro | Microsoft Docs
    Last edited by dalchina; 26 Feb 2018 at 06:19.
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  10.    26 Feb 2018 #10


    Msg received and understood - but I didn't like what you quoted about the log files getting written to the target disk I think the installation fails before anything is written to the hard drive.

    I'm still waiting for this iso download to complete then I'll burn it to USB, try the install, look for any log files, and get back to you both.

    Thanks again, I was getting depressed!
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