I appreciate the insights, but this is actually going to replace a standalone NAS. However, it is going to do more than just data storage. My Western Digital EX4 has been running like a champ, but I'm likely going to sell it or give it to my Dad. Anyway, Windows works very well as a headless server. If you are running non-Enterprise hardware, you just have to make sure the BIOS is set to boot without a keyboard present. If so, you'll have no issues.

My server is going to be a local domain controller, NAS replacement, and likely an internal-only web server for myself and my wife to use for some other home projects. It's running on home brew hardware, but it boots fine with only power and network connected. I wanted a standalone card, so if there's an issue with the motherboard, or I want to upgrade the mobo later on, I can do so without having to migrate data off the array, rebuild, and then move it back.