Excessive non-random audio popping/static with all media (Win 7/10)

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    Windows 10 (64 bit)
       09 Feb 2018 #1

    Excessive non-random audio popping/static with all media (Win 7/10)

    Firstly can anyone tell me if you all can hear the pops in this short video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4E5Bi0kQ8sc

    I have been having an extremely annoying issue over two custom PC builds, multiple fresh installs of Windows 7 and 10 and multiple headphones for over 2 years now. I have tried literally every fix from dozens of help forums with no fix. It's not just popping, but I hear snapping sounds, crackles, pops and static in pretty much every media form from games, streaming video to music, the audio issues only happen for a split second and they are not random and can be reproduced anytime (see my youtube link above). The audio anomalies seem to be triggered by specific tones or pitches in the audio, sometimes a low bass, a loud explosion sound effects, some white noise to even a voice trigger the various audio anomalies, or in most cases the beginning of a sound playing causes a slight pop.

    I have run DPC Latency many times and have stayed in the green. I have tried power settings (everything is on high and no CPU throttling, also have set the power to various other variables, BIOS is updated), tried going back to default audio drivers from Realtek many, many times which Realtek drivers seem to be much worse with popping, I also have tried 3 different audio plugins on my PC and even bought a USB HD Audio device the issue remains. My PC specs are AMD FX-6300, 8gb ram, Radeon RX 470, MSI 970 gaming (MS-7693) mobo.

    So I am clueless on what to do, I am scared to buy all new hardware and run into the same problem, any help or things to look into would be greatly appreciated. The last thing I'll say and please if there is any possibility that it could be the cause let me know.. but my PSU I have used on both PC builds, I have never had an issue with it and it's got plenty of wattage to spare, but it is getting old. These problems go back 2+ years now, so I am doubting it's the cause. Thanks.
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    Hi Zethus

    You've said this problem has occurred on two different builds and the PSU was common. I'll bet the only other common item is your wall plug.

    Do you hear these noises when you use speakers, you mentioned headphones but didn't mention if they were wireless or Bluetooth. If wireless are there any other cordless transmitter very close like a cordless phone base?

    I'm going to bet PSU. Sounds like you don't have a spare, any chance your friends do?
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       09 Feb 2018 #3

    Hey thanks for the reply!

    I have actually moved three times in the last two or so years (just moved into a new place 3 weeks ago), so it's definitely not the wall plug. The headphones are wired Hyper X Cloud Stingers, I have used all wired headphones including JVC and Sony both over-ear and on-ear stereo headphones and sadly I don't own any speakers. I would like to add which makes me believe the PSU isn't the issue, my brother has an identical build just with a different brand GFX card and PSU and has the same audio issues.

    Can you (or anyone) hear the popping sounds in the video I posted? If I can get a dozen or so people letting me know if they can hear it or not, even if you cannot help me with my the main audio issue I am having, I'd like to know if my recording is picking up the popping audio.
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  4. Caledon Ken's Avatar
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       09 Feb 2018 #4

    I definitely hear something, scratchy (Static) then a pop. Now I maybe confused. It is not regular. Many pops, then a pause then a couple. Could you post music that does this as I'm not sure of game sound track or your pops.

    So this is in essence happen over three different builds (counting brothers) and at least two different OS.

    So one of the common items is the Realtec Audio adapter?? Was it the same on your first build, exact model.
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  5. Caledon Ken's Avatar
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       09 Feb 2018 #5

    Wow, huge number of hits with Realtek, Static popping. Of course you said you bought a USD HD Audio and it still appears.

    Do you get these sounds in safe mode or clean boot?
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    Ahh damn sorry I guess I should've explained the video I posted with a bit more detail.. it is just me running in a hallway, the swooshing sound is just an in-game audio sound effect of clothing. The pops happen as the shoes hit the carpeted floor, which trigger an audio pop most of the time. You can hear that so that answers that hehe. I just used this audio clip because it was the best example I had. Thanks!

    My integrated sound card uses Realtek on my MSI board, I had a Gigabyte board last time and I honestly cannot remember which it used, more than likely Realtek as well. I still have it around, so I'll have to find it and get a definitive answer. But like I said I have tried the default audio drivers on top of my USB HD audio device and still have the same problem, just a slightly less annoying.

    I think I tried safe mode a while ago but couldn't get audio to play to test anything, I'll take another look at it tonight.

    Err sorry if I double post, I keep forgetting replies and posts need to be moderator approved.
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       09 Feb 2018 #7

    Zethus said: View Post
    ...The pops happen as the shoes hit the carpeted floor, which trigger an audio pop most of the time...
    Try taking your shoes off and have another run. If you then don't get pops, it may be due to be static generated by the soles of your shoes hitting the carpet.
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       12 Feb 2018 #8

    Yeah... I'll definitely try taking my shoes off next time I feel like a walk within the wonderful world of Deus Ex.

    So anyways, I uploaded another file with a short piece music this time
    please let me know if you can hear all the craziness.

    This is possibly the worst one I could find. Again, it seems to be triggered by certain tones, loud spontaneous sounds within a piece of audio or over-lapping sounds? ...it's really confusing. I initially thought it was my own files that were screwed up back then, but realized I could find the same songs or locations from a game on YouTube and hear the same pops and static noises at the exact same spots.

    Thanks for the replies and interest in trying to help me figure this out!
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       12 Feb 2018 #9

    Do you hear these sound when your not playing a game or music.
    My reason for asking is you might be picking up something from some sort of appliance close by.
    Fan in your computer or just close by your computer.
    Florescent lights.
    Portable phone.
    Space heater.

    To isolate the problem, plug in some speakers and test to see if the noise is still there. I know you state you don't have any speakers.
    Surly some one you know has some speakers you could try.
    Have you tried more than one jack to plug your ear phone into?
    Is your wall outlet a 3 prong outlet? It could be a grounding problem that is inside or outside your computer.
    Are you using a surge protector or is your system plugged directly into the wall socket? Sorry I don't know the electrical code for your country.

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  10.    12 Feb 2018 #10

    A tool that MAY help is the free Resplendence Latency Mon program. It has helped many with audio problems.

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