Since upgrading to Windows 10 Pro (Desktop) my audio seems to fail. Seems to happen after the computer comes out of Hybrid Sleep. I have Nvidia HDMI Audio for my Onkyo Receiver and Microsoft Bluetooth driver for my Bluetooth Headphones. Many times I have to go back to Sound Panel and re-input my configuration of my Onkyo Receiver. It goes to default without warning. From 5.1 to stereo for instance.

Since I installed Intel Bluetooth drivers for my Bluetooth card. I use the Bluetooth Headphones as my default audio device. When I start Kodi and I see the recording frozen, I need to go to WIndows setup -Bluetooth and disconnect and Reconnect the bluetooth connection to my headphones. Once I do that and restart Kodi everything work fine.

The symptoms I get now is that when I try to test either the Headphones (Microsoft Audio driver) or Receiver (Nvidia HDMI audio driver) I get the error message that the Tone Test failed. I tried uninstalling or disabling and reinstalling/re-enabling both Audio drivers which then tells me I need to restart the computer. I tried to restart Windows Audio Service and fails. The error I received is that it timed out. But once I restart or reboot the computer everything works fine again.

I decided to prevent the computer from going into the sleep cycle in any way. I am going to see if it prevents that Audio from not working again.

I have run SFC /scannow and DISM. all comes back without corruption or missing files. I checked for virus/Malware using Malwarebytes and Spybot and my Mcafee Virus scanner. All comes out clean.

I figure it must be my Intel Bluetooth drivers has some sort of conflict with the latest Windows 10 that causes the Audio to be kept busy preventing any audio from working. I have installed the latest Bluetooth/Wifi Intel drivers to no avail.

Has anyone have a similar problem since updating to Windows version 1709?