Cannot boot into windows after updating RaidXpert2 Drivers Solved

  1.    16 Jan 2018 #1

    Cannot boot into windows after updating RaidXpert2 Drivers

    Edit: I gave up trying to fix the issue and reverted to a backup of my PC from last month.

    Sorry in advance but this will be a long post to detail my issue.

    Background: Yesterday I updated from AMD's 17.11.1 graphics driver to 17.12.1 and immediately started experiencing freezes in a game called Halo Online. The previous driver did not have this issue, so I decided to revert back to 17.11.1. While I was looking for the driver I stumbled upon an update for RaidXpert 2, version 17.4 which is newer than my current version so I decided to download that as well. I then downloading DDU (Direct Driver Uninstaller) and wiped my PC clean of AMD graphics drivers. I rebooted back into windows and installed the newer RAID driver (17.4) and then tried to restart again. I haven't been able to boot into windows since (so I have not yet had the chance to install 17.11.1 graphics driver).

    My PC is set up with my OS on a MydigitalSSD BPX 256GB M.2 drive, and two Seagate HDD's in raid 1 for storage. My entire PC (all drives) are encrypted with Bitlocker and I have it set up so that I enter one bitlocker key for the OS drive and then the rest unlock automatically in windows.

    When I boot up I am asked for my bitlocker key as usual, after it is accepted my computer crashes and restarts again. When I do this twice in a row automatic system repair comes up the second time. I have tried a variety of different things here including:

    1. Startup repair (after running for 10 seconds says the issue cannot be fixed).
    2. Checking for the system restore point that was created by DDU. For some reason it doesn't exist, as if it was never made?
    3. Booting into safe mode (fails like a regular boot).

    I was considering running CMD prompt and SFC/scannow to see if it helps. I'm honestly completely at loss as to what went wrong here. All I did was install an update for my RaidXpert 2 driver and suddenly my PC won't boot?

    I also tried entering the AMD RAID Bios (first screen that comes up at boot before bitlocker) and everything there was perfectly fine as it was before.

    So what happened to my OS drive? Did it fail or something?

    Any help is greatly appreciated. I have the option of reverting to my monthly backup created by Macrium Reflect if needed but haven't given up hope yet.
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