Hi All,

I have been battling with this for a few weeks now, I have got myself some good quality bluetooth headphones, which work perfectly on my android phone (Samsung S7 Edge).

I paired them with my work computer which is running Windows 10 Pro x64, the system itself is i5-7500 with 8 GB Ram, and the sound is so choppy it is unusable.

I have tried everything:

1: Uninstalling the drivers from device manager, rebooting and letting windows install the default drivers.
2: Installing the latest Widcomm Bluetooth Drivers (
3: Changed all the settings as recommended from the various posts on the web including changing the headphones service to Audio Sink only.

Nothing works, the Audio is cutting out very rapidly, sometimes 1-2 times a second, then it might be fine for a few seconds then starts again.

The bluetooth does not get disconnected, it is just the audio. It is pretty much unusable as it stands.

Please can someone help me out with this?