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---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------I realize this is a couple years after you posted the solution for no sound on Windows 10 on the IDT Hi Def CODEC, but you have helped me so tremendously! I'm working on a four-year old HP Phoenix Envy, and finally reset it and installed Win 10 clean this morning and it has had no sound since. After four hours (yes, I persevere), I found your post and your solution worked instantly. I might add, this computer was "fixed" once at the factory and it no longer connects with audio in the back of the case, it has to be plugged in to the headphone jack on top, so that threw me for a while.
It's users/posters like you who take the mysteries out of computer fixing for me, a little old lady with a big interest in tech, and everything I know, I owe to kind and thoughtful people such as you. Please know that that one post has probably helped a whole lot of us out here, trying to catch up on technology before it passes us by. We all appreciate your time and trouble.

Thanks again!

Hi MerryMarjie and welcome to Tenforums.
Glad to hear that helped you. Cheers!