I have something strange happing for a while now and cannot find a fix; or even identify what is causing it.
This doe not happing all the time, like I was able to type this issue here. However, out of no where it will occur, and then stop at other times; or maybe it will happen and then start working again.
I can be in any program where I have to type and it will go to the begging of the line and will only let me type there. I will try to move it to where I was and it will just go to the beginning again.
Issue 2 but I feel it is related:

It will in addition to/ and with the above issue, I can be down in the middle of a page and it will go to the top and stay there. I have found that while the mouse may not let me scroll, the arrow keys sometimes will.
These things can happen in note pad, Excel, word, note pad, or in email.
I made sure my antivirus is up to date and ran it, but it came up with nothing.
Any ideas would be appreciate it.
Thank you