Hi there.

Don't always believe the Mobo specs -- I decided I needed to upgrade HDD space on one of my servers - in theory it says on the 4 Bays I could have a total of 10 TB HDD space. Anyway I've installed 2 X 4 TB and 2 X 6TB Nas 24 *7 drives -- no problem whatsoever -both running super dooper fast as RAID 0 arrays -- get REALLY fast I/O - up to around 582 MiB/s when copying between the 2 arrays. I've enough backup so RAID 0 for me is fine --does what it says on the tin --super fast I/O which is what I want. I have the OS on an SSD and 4 data drives configured as 2 X RAID 0 arrays.

The power supply could have been the weak point but there is more than enough "juice" so these days take HDD limitations with a pinch of salt.

When initialising the HDD's on Windows I did get a message "GPT error" and "Invalid partition table" but I used GPARTED from Linux to format the drives as XFS and create the RAID 0 arrays (using software mdadm --really works well)--and worked fine.

It could be Windows gets problems with large HDD's -- no problem on my server (old HP Microserver Gen 8 ProLiant -- probably obsolete now -- the later micro Gen 10 ProLiant microserver IMO isn't as good -- especially as on the older GEN 8 you can swap the CPU for a decent XEON -- the newer gen 10's have an AMD processor (quad) which is decent but it's soldered to the board so you are stuck with it).

So check hardware out first without always believing the specs are 100% accurate.

Arrays have been running for a few hours now under test load to see if they would break, heat / power problems --nothing problematical found -- now copying REAL data and will start using the server again..

Inlet temp slightly warmer than normal -- 24 deg C instead of 19 but that's livable with --and I've got my home heating up to Max !!

Cheers folks
and enjoy rest of Holiday and have a great 2018.