I have a HP Pavilion x360 running Windows 10 Home edition. After trawling around, I was informed by HP that the correct Pen to use would be the HP Active Stylus from Wacom. I purchased this, eagerly unpacked it and paired it to the laptop. Paired first time, great I thought. But all that happens is when I press the button at the end, One note opens up.

After great head scratching, I noticed that in the settings for the pen, the options to configure the pen is not present. I have removed the device, switched machine off and on, still the same, checking for any drivers, nope.

Today, I entered our local PC shop, and tried one of their pens, i think it was from Bamboo. This also paired, but again no pen options.

Does anyone have any ideas, or have come across a way to get these options visible?

So I am now stuck with a laptop that does not appear to have the correct software installed for the pen options.

Thanks in advance.