Windows 10: RAM GB or Speed Solved

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    Windows 10 Pro 64 Bit
       23 Dec 2017 #1

    RAM GB or Speed

    Windows 10 Pro 64 bit
    RAM Which is better 16 GB At 3000 MHz Or 32 GB at 2133 MHz?
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  2. Layback Bear's Avatar
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       23 Dec 2017 #2

    What exactly do you do with your system.This is very important to know.

    Most everybody will seldom need more than 16 gb of ram.
    If by chance you actually need 32 gigs of ram then that is the direction I recommend.
    I personally don't notice ram speed all that much doing everyday things.
    I don't believe you would notice the difference between 2133 and 3000 speeds.
    If you need 32 gb of ram for what ever you are doing with your system, I would recommend getting 32 gigs of ram.
    That is what I would do with one of my system if I need that much ram.

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  3.    23 Dec 2017 #3

    The general rule is more RAM beats faster RAM.

    Faster RAM will help you squeeze out a few more FPS in your games but not by much. It will also benefit you if youíre constantly running your CPU at/near 100% as Iím told. Ryzen responds favorably to faster RAM due to how the cores are linked through Infinity Fabric.

    There are a few videos on YT that address this topic:

    Does RAM speed REALLY matter? - YouTube
    Does Faster RAM Matter? - YouTube

    16GB is plenty at this time for gaming. If you edit video or raw photo editing, I could possibly see a use for 32GB.

    Also consider the current insane cost of memory. Youíre going to pay even more for faster RAM.
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    Within reasonable limits adding more RAM will always improve performance. But there will always be a point of diminishing returns beyond which there will be no noticeable or even measurable gain. That point is heavily dependent on the workload. For most users 32 GB is well past that point. You would at the least need a good size SSD for such a system to fully realize the potential benefits. Going overboard on any one component such as RAM can compensate for other weaknesses only to a limited extent. Of course if you really do have such a workload then 32 GB RAM is justified.

    RAM speed means little in most situations. Likely the only place you would see any improvement is in specific types of benchmarks.

    When trying to optimize a system understanding the workload is vital. This is not a one size fits all situation. Otherwise you can spend a lot of money for no gain.
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    IMO, more RAM is better.
    If you find that you have "excess" RAM, you could use the surplus to create a RAMDisk.
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       24 Dec 2017 #6

    Hello: Jack
    Hello: VRAM Member (no name)
    Hello: LMiller7
    Hello: lehnerus2000
    Thanks to all of you for your response.
    I use Pinnacle studio and do a lot of video work, I also use Sony Sound Forge Audio Studio, Video Surgeon 2 to do a lot of musical work.
    16 GB's has in the pass worked well for me.
    With the new Motherboard ASUS PRIME B350-PLUS/USB3.1 and the AMD RYZEN 8 core processor 3.0GHz I thought maybe 32 GB would be better. The speed of the ram was another thing that was the unknown factor.
    The cost difference is another thing to consider.
    From the comments you have made I believe the 2133 MHz will be just fine. I think I will try 32 GB's. Normally I would go with 16 GB's, this will be a first for me using that much ram.
    Again thanks for your comments.
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  7.    24 Dec 2017 #7

    Make sure to check out Asusís RAM QVL for that MB so you donít Have a bad build day :)
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  8. Layback Bear's Avatar
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       24 Dec 2017 #8

    Because of the video work and other things, I think 32 gb @ 2133 or 2400 would be very helpful and a good choice.
    It all depends on the deals you can fine and if they are available.

    I would make sure that you buy a match set of ram modules all at the same time.

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    Hi: vram
    Hi: Jack
    Thanks for your follow up.
    I check with a Newegg tech on the ASUS Motherboard and was informed that this MoBo was very sensitive to using the correct ram that ASUS recommends.
    ASUS recommends that the ram be the same CAS latency also same version or date code from the same vendor.
    Finding a deal when looking for a certain RAM may be a problem. As RAM prices have gone up and 16GB for this MoBo is Around $180 give or take a few dollars for 2133 MHz.
    Again: Thanks guys for your input.
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