A couple of weeks ago my OS became corrupted and I had to restore to an earlier point. That worked so well that documents I had created after that point were even saved.
The only thing that seems to be having trouble is my Microsoft Wireless Video Adapter. When I attempt to connect
I get the message shown in the attached screen shot saying it is connected, but nothing appears on the TV. I know the Adapter is working properly as I can access it from a different computer.
I have run a full diagnostic scan from Dell with everything passing and then ran one specifically on the video card which also passed.
It was suggested to me that I download new video drivers from Dell, which I did, but when I began to install them I received a warning saying the ones I was about to install were older than what is on my computer. That doesn't make any sense to me. I would certainly think Dell itself would have the most up-to-date drivers.Click image for larger version. 

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Any suggestions?