Hello everyone!

I have a unique problem, I found a few random posts about it but each one had no replies for support.

After installing the recent fall update for the Creators Update on October 17, my start menu has automatically changed to a very light shade of the taskbar color.

I understand it's naturally lighter, but mine has turned extremely light grey compared to the dark taskbar. Messing around with all the colors and themes does nothing. Changing my taskbar color will then change my start menu the same but it will turn the color to a very very light shade of the taskbar.

It's very strange indeed. Did the creators update naturally lighten up the start menu color? Or is there anyways to manually edit the start menu color only to get close to the same shade as the taskbar? I could try posting screen shots, because normal taskbars are usually blackish while the start menu is very similar, yet mine is now extremely light grey.