So in a nutshell what I am trying to do is change the icon of an executable, sounds simple right?

Here is what I have done:

1) Open the EXE in Resource Hacker
2) Replace the Icon with the Icon I want. My icon has all the sizes including the mini task bar/frame icon.
3) Saved it

The problem(s):
1) EXE Icon not showing up right away. Had to restart explorer.exe in Tskmgr. (Just to get the Icon to show up on the exe file in the main directory of the application)
2) The Mini icon is still the same as the default on the TaskBar and in the application itself.

Pictures Here:

Icon on the left is the one I replaced with. The one on the right is the original.

The shortcut Icon is fine but when I open the application here is what I have. Top Left, Bottom left and Bottom Right:

Before you ask this is Windows 10 just skinned to look like Windows Vista. I recall this issue before but I never pressed it until now.