I use torrents for legal things I don't like when downloading the torrent for it to open only apps but prefer Win 10 would SAVE the file until I can check it out. Win 7 had this ability; BUT WIN 10 SEEMS not to have that capability.

After cleaning out ALL OF TORRENT apps from my SYSTEM, when a torrent link is clicked, it still brings up the window for me to choose: an APP and WILL NOT SAVE FILE like Win 7 gave us a choice.

BUT in window 10 the only way I can see to disassociate it is with:"control panel/default programs/set association"
Under "extensions" there is ".torrent" and current default is some app never heard of.

But when you go to: CHANGE PROGRAM, it is all OTHER APPS TO CHOOSE FROM.
NO place to delete the field, etc. No FILE EXPLORER to SAVE THE FILE