I've been struggling with the windows 10 Start menu since starting to use windows 10 in a professional environment 18 months ago.

I've gradually wrestled it into *almost* doing my bidding, but never 100%.

My current issue is that machines on my domain all pick up different aspects of the LayoutModifcation.xml. Menus have spaces where there should be tiles, one machine will have one start menu and the next machine will have a different looking menu yet they pull from EXACTLY the same file.

Entries I put into the LayoutModification.xml match up with links and shortcuts in a network location available to all, these links and shortcuts show up in "All Apps".

I moved a machine to the root of the Directory so that minimal GPOs applied to it, and attempted to add tiles manually to the start menu using a Network Admin account. The tile appeared, for all of five seconds then vanished next time I opened the start menu. However when I click to try and add the same link only the option to "Unpin from start" is available, then I notice an invisible group on the start menu with nothing in it.

Out of 160 boxes no two machines maintain the same content on their start menus.

Can anybody shed any light on this, I've been coming back to this over and over and getting absolutely nowhere for over a year...