OS: win10 Familly

I use an external hdmi monitor on a notebook, in that case I only use the external monitor (viz no dual display).

I can adjust the brightness of:
* the notebook screen with the "Sun up" and "Sun down" key on the keyboard.
* the external monitor with the menu on the monitor, but modifying on the monitor is cumbersome: need to call the menu, then "Picture", than "Brightness", then OK, then adjust with + and -, then finally confirm.

As the day light vary, from a bright sunny to dark, I noticed it's very relaxing to adjust the brightness between 100% (sunny) to 40% (dark).
How is it possible to "easily" adjust the external monitor brightness?

1/ The "Sun" up and down key only functions for the notebook, not for the external monitor - it's quick & easy.
Is it possible to apply to the external monitor?

2/ There are browser add-ons for that, but then it's bound to the browser, not all other apps.

Ideally, I would like to create 3 profiles of brightness or have some simple + and - keyboard shortcuts to adjust the hdmi brightness.


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