Windows 10: I Want The Sign-in Lock Screen To Show A Different Picture Each Day Solved

  1.    19 May 2017 #1

    I Want The Sign-in Lock Screen To Show A Different Picture Each Day

    When I first installed WinX it showed a different picture each day in the "pre sign in" lock screen, either for a second or two or until I clicked the sign-in spot. Since I am the administrator I don't have to use a password to sign in, and WinX seems to sometimes, but not always, recognize this and automatically bypasses the sign-in process and goes to the normal wallpaper background after a maybe 1 sec delay. I am using the latest version of Classic Shell and maybe this adds to the OS "confusion".

    Since the last Windows Update some days ago (around 2.3 GB if I remember) it shows the SAME picture every day now. In the Personalization lock screen panel it shows:

    Slideshow (I selected)
    "Get fun facts ..." Off
    Show lock screen background picture on the sign-in screen > On

    and "Help" does not help

    How can I get back the original set-up which changes the sign-in/lock screen picture to change each time or each day?

    note: I will not use System Restore and have to reinstall the last update, as I am on a metered Internet access and limited to 1GB hi-speed Internet each day, without which my use of the Internet at 128 kb/sec is basically useless nowadays (as in, almost nothing works these days at that low speed)
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  2.    21 May 2017 #2

    Hi, have you checked the folder (of pictures) under 'Choose Albums for your Slideshow' contains valid pictures?

    Lock screen not changing picture Solved - Windows 10 Forums
    and note the reference to Winaero's utility (which apparently works although described as for Win 8)
    Lock Screen Customizer for Windows 8.1 and Windows 8

    Note the lock screen from boot or restart is generated in a different way, so may not be consistent,
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  3.    21 May 2017 #3

    I have now followed the links and tried everything, including the Winaero Tweaker and filling the Save Pictures and Camera Roll folders with downloaded pics from Windows. NO change.

    Perhaps because Windows "sneaked in" version 1703 without my complete knowledge (I wasn't informed WHAT the "important update" was), there are still many uncorrected bugs* still in. For ex., Windows Update does NOT recognize Windows Updates it insists on that I have subsequently manually downloaded and installed, even though Windows Defender DOES! (I have to personally oversee large downloads because I am restricted to 1GB hi-speed Internet/day, a metered access)

    Too bad, as I now have Camera Roll and Saved Pictures filled with come wonderful photos to use in the still non-functional lock scree /sign-in scree slideshow. For reference I can manually click and get WinX v. 1703 to run a slideshow (not in lock or sin-in screen) from those two files

    *my ex-wife was a code-writing Group Leader in Testing at MS Redmond and the running joke was "it's a Design Feature", also used in a friendly way, she said, to refer to some female co-worker's let's say "oversize butt", etc. [bit of MS humor]
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  4.    21 May 2017 #4

    How can I get back the original set-up which changes the sign-in/lock screen picture to change each time or each day?
    That's Spotlight. (Settings, search for Lock Screen, and use the drop down arrow to select Spotlight)

    Note: as you have Win 10 Pro, you could have set an option to defer feature updates, which would have prevented the CU downloading, but still given you updates for the AU. That's been a widely documented option.

    I also use Winaero's tweaker (as a convenience) to to set the group policy to 'notify'. Thus I choose when I download updates.

    So I'm holding off on the CU while MS issues fixes as usual for 3 months, and because a GUI utility I like won't be compatible for about 3 months, probably.
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  5.    21 May 2017 #5

    New info:

    Now I find that when the computer restarts from sleep or from a shutdown forced by pushing the on/off button (HP 840 G2) .... it makes a slideshow with the pics I now put in Saved Pictures and Camera Roll as a lock screen which stays till I click on it and THEN goes to the non-slideshow sign-in page fixed pic (not in MY files!) that it has been using since the v. 1703 Update some days ago before which it DID show a slideshow on the sign-in page with NO lock screen before it!
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  6.    21 May 2017 #6

    I may have found what is going on in Version 1703 here >

    When I start up the computer it shows a single Microsoft-chosen picture as the background against "Welcome User" for maybe 3 seconds. Then Desktop shows. And waking up from sleep mode is shows that SAME pic for 10 or 15 seconds, THEN goes into the slideshow from the folders I loaded, without further including that first MS-chosen photo, in a continuous randomly shuffled loop with the same 10 - 15 sec. picture duration until I click on the pic. NOW "User" is asked to sign in, but as administrator with no password needed, I just click on the sing-in box, and then Desktop

    So the slideshow file I have chosen does not have a chance to start before Desktop shows. And the MS-chosen pic is used each time instead of my slideshow.


    1. How can that MS pic be eliminated?

    2. and simply show a different pic from my file each time I start up?
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  7.    22 May 2017 #7

    When I start up the computer it shows a single Microsoft-chosen picture as the background against "Welcome User" for maybe 3 seconds. Then Desktop shows.
    Have you eliminated the login screen?

    But then you say
    NOW "User" is asked to sign in,
    I'll have to leave this for someone running the CU- I still have the AU. Good luck!
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  8.    22 May 2017 #8

    I think the problem may be solved, but will wait a few days before I am sure:

    It turns out that so far (before fixes) V. 1703/CU that Spotlight can only be accessed when "eaking up" from the SLEEP mode, then it asks, "Do you like what you see?" [Y/N], and then asked to sign-in (sign-in psge comes now only from SLEEP mode), which only req. a click from admin., me .

    Spotlight is now back on, but I when I first start up (without being asked to sign in, as admin.), every day since the problem, every re-start, the pic was locked on some ugly fish (from Spotlight), i was not asked if I liked the pic and I assumed that Spotlight was non-functional after CU.

    So again, Spotlight pic choices can so far now only be accessed when "awakening" from SLEEP mode with un-fixed CU/ 1703
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  9.    23 May 2017 #9

    so far, so good: picture in lock screen & (same pic) in screen changes daily, but "Do you like what you see?" choice only comes on sign-in screen which only comes when "awakening" from sleep mode
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