I was using a custom theme that I downloaded from the internet before upgrading to the Creator's Update
But I deleted it in safe mode

basically if I go to Right Click>Personalization>Themes
the settings crash and the Themes section doesn't open in control panel. Any help?

(optional if you need more information)
After upgrading to the Creator's Update, Screen was black when I logged in (after the message [Hi, we've some prepared some updates for your pc blah blah blah]) I could Alt+Ctrl+Del but it was useless, so I went to safe mode, deleted Uxstyle, enabled ribbon disabler, deleted the custom theme.. then after rebooting, my pc startup was slow af (eg: Dekstop icons loading, loading startup programs and even logging in) so I waited 5 mins, and voila, my Computer was fixed..)

Sorry for my bad english