I unfortunately bought a new HP Envy laptop with windows 10 Pro. The size of the folders in File Explorer are nothing like the size they were on my old Windows 10 Home Version laptop. Actually the View Large icons are the same size as the View Extra Large Icons. HP support techs know nothing. I tried personalization, display settings, advanced display settings, device manager, file explorer folder options, Intel graphics settings & system settings. I am aware that you can use the Ease of Access Center & make certain groups of windows or fonts bigger but I do not want a whole group bigger. The only other thing I have a size problem with are pop up windows when I am in a program & a window pops up for further choices. They are so small I cannot read them & it will not allow me to resize it by dragging it. I have read a few suggestions on google but but none work for me. I am at a loss. Can these settings be customized for the things I mentioned? Please help!