Windows 10 dual monitor: Taskbar icons open app dpd on screen

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    Windows 10 dual monitor: Taskbar icons open app dpd on screen

    I have two monitors connected to my graphics card, let us call them Lefty and Righty.
    Righty is my main monitor. The BIOS messages appear there during startup, and when I start an application, it opens on Righty by default.
    I put several application icons on Righty's taskbar, to open these applications with less mouse clicks: Edge, Crome, Evernote etc.

    What puzzles me is how the icons on the taskbar behave when the application is already started.

    What I do, what happens, and what I am confused about:

    Let us assume that I opened both Edge and Chrome, and I minimized both applications.
    Now I click on the taskbar icon of Edge or Chrome.
    - If the application window was on Righty, before minimizing the window, the existing application with all browser tabs and the exact state (cursor, open tab, scroll position) is opened on Righty. This is no surprise to me - I expected this.

    - If the application window was on Lefty, before minimizing the window, clicking on the task bar icon opens a new, empty application window. (Empty in the sense that the browser state is the same as if I had told the icon: open a new instance of the browser.)

    I have not found a way to re-open the already existing browser window, unless I go through the task list:
    1. Open task list.
    2. Locate the browser's task.
    3. Left-click on the ">" sign left of the task's name. The instance (?) of the task appears below the task name.
    4. Right-click the task's instance that appeared.
    5. Choose "Switch to".

    This will open the existing instance of the browser on Lefty.
    But it takes four actions more than I would be happy with. :)

    My question is:
    How can I change the task bar settings (or other settings), so that clicking on an application icon on the task bar opens the already existing, minimized application instance on Lefty, if (before minimizing tge application window) the application window was positioned on Lefty?

    I am sorry about the long-winded question. This is something I tried to find a solution for via Google, but without any success. Thanks a lot for any hints or solutions!
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    How do you have your monitors set up in the display area of your settings? Duplicate these or Extend these? What ports and cables does each monitor use?

    I'm running 2 monitors and have mine set up to extend these displays and have my main monitor set to 1 (left). Both are connected to my GPU using both my DVI ports with DVI cables. I've never had an issue under any Windows OS that I've used.

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    I doubt it has anything to do with which type ports/connections you use. I have 3 monitors, one HDMI, One DVI and one DP to HDMI adapter. Mine do not do what you are describing. Do you have extend these displays in Display Properties and when you minimize an application on rightie does the icon on leftie show it as open (blue line under it)?

    See if there is something here that can help you Hide or Show Taskbar on Multiple Displays in Windows 10 - Windows 10 Customization Tutorials

    Or here

    Multiple Displays - Change Settings and Layout in Windows 10 - Windows 10 Customization Tutorials
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