I've been trying to figure this out for what seems to be longest, and every method i've tried doesn't work out.

We have a custom 6 screen monitor that we use in the conference room. The PC itself has a Nvidia Quadro M4000 that connects 2 outputs to the display processor which splits the screens in half giving each a resolution of 2880x2160, 5760x2160 when stitched together with Nvidia Mosaic. The problem is, windows always gives a default DPI of 100% making it barely readable. Once you change the DPI to 200-250%, it's readable and the configuration for the DPI stays. Unfortunately, this means every user has to sign in, change the DPI, then sign out to use it.

I've tried setting the default user profile here: Customize Default User Profile for New Accounts in Windows 10 - Page 7 - Windows 10 Installation Upgrade Tutorials but whenever i install the Nvidia drivers, configure the Mosaic and reboot to OOBE the pc will constantly loop. I tried this before on a single monitor with another PC and it seems to set the default user profile just fine, i'm not sure if the Nvidia driver/configuration is breaking the default user profile.

My question is, is there a method to set default dpi for all users that sign in? Even if i have to pay for some sort of software to remedy this, i don't mind.