I can't seem to bring up anything about this in a forum search, so maybe it doesn't bother others like it does me?

When we left XP, we lost the ability to remember where a particular window was opened - it's size, position, etc. Drove me crazy in Win 7 until I found the 3rd party utility (I still can't bring myself to call these 'apps') "Windows Manager" or something like that. It helped greatly but interfered with other programs running sometimes and forgets some windows.

I can't see anyone talking about this (not "Windows Manager", but rather having the function built into the OS) in a 'net search for Windows 10 topics. When I have a bunch of windows open, I size and group them for ease of use, as I know others do. Next time I want to perform some of those functions, I'd sure like the windows and folders to open there again, not tiled all together across the screen.

Any sign of getting this basic (I thought) amenity showing up in the OS again?