I'm getting sick of those ruddy spinning balls that show during boot up. (I'm assuming its a custom set of Cursors that 10 is using only for certain functions such as booting up as they appear to be scale-able). There also appears from time to time a sort of spinning arc that does the same thing as the balls. And the flying balls that appear when Windows is busy loading something etc. I'd like to be able to Change these; customise them so that I can go "Completely Star Trek" like I could with windows 7. It's all well and good having a desktop slideshow of Star Trek Pics... But I miss the wonderful animations that I could customise with the appropriate utility. Taking that ability away from the user in Windows 10 was a mistake. I'm seriously considering ditching 10 and going back to 7 just for that ability alone and also the LCARS X32 worked better in Win7 than it seems to be unable to do in Windows 10 (Even the Anniversary Edition. Which is FINALLY stable) So Come on Microsoft Cut us "Experienced" users a break and give us some more control back over our beloved OS. Apple listen to their Users.... it would appear Microsoft have not learned the basic courtesy when dealing with "customers and users" of their product. Totalitarianism seems to be the buzzword for them. Please cut us Professional Users and Programmers some slack.