I'm having a weird issue with Windows Spotlight on several systems, and granted, this is hardly a major issue that's preventing me from using a computer.

Anyway, I have five different Windows 10 systems. Some are Pro, some are Home, however, they are all legit and activated.

One two of them, I use a domain account. Spotlight works perfectly, showing me new random wallpaper at the lock screen. The other three, I use my Microsoft account, and no matter what I try, Spotlight isn't working. I am able to verify that the wallpaper files are downloading and that it is set properly in Settings, but it fails to run on all three. Even if I wipe out the system and clean install Windows 10, I cannot get Spotlight to work. I've cleared the directory, changed Settings to disable then enable it, and still no luck. I've used a local account, and all was well until I add my Microsoft account.

So, is there a setting in my Microsoft account/sync that is preventing Spotlight to function?