First I want to apologize if this doesn't belong in this thread, but it seemed the most appropriate at the time.

My computer has three monitors, one monitor is connected DVI, one HDMI, and the last one is Display Port. The two side monitors are 1080p 60hz and the same model Acer. The primary monitor is a Dell 1440p 144Hz monitor which is connected via Display Port.

Every time there's an Nvidia graphics driver update, it resets my default audio to one of the monitors, then changes my wallpapers to the same wallpaper that's on my primary monitor. So what ever is on the Dell monitor gets duplicated to the other two.

I just went through an update like a week ago and it changed all my monitors to the same thing. I didn't feel like messing with it, so I just left it. This fine Saturday morning, I found a pretty cool Harley Quinn wallpaper, a random wilderness one and a nice painting of Zelda that I wanted to display.

When trying to set each monitor's wallpaper, I noticed it only shows Monitor 1, and two Monitor 3's. And anyone one of those Monitor 3's changes them all.


Set for all monitors = Changes all monitors to the same wallpaper
Monitor 1 = Changes Monitor One
Monitor 3 = Changes all monitors to the same wallpaper
Monitor 3 = Changes all monitors to the same wallpaper

It's quite odd.

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Any advice will be greatly appreciated.