Hello! First time here.

I've begun experiencing odd behaviour and I haven't personally seen this before in a windows computer.
I've seen various screen bugs before but, this one's a little different and it just screams to me that it's an issue with Windows 10.

This only started happening recently.
I have not updated any of my drivers because it shouldn't be of much concern this is the only visual glitch I've been experiencing since owning this laptop(nearing 3 years now, originally was windows 8):
Acer V3-772G
Windows 10
16GB DDR3 Memory
Intel Core i7-4702MQ @ 2.20GHz
Nvidia GeForce GT 750M

The problem itself isn't urgent and is simple but odd in nature.
It's purely the desktop wallpaper experiencing issues. None of my icons are affected by it.
Originally this funny metal 'texture' would appear over my screen only on boot and log in(it's not all the time but very often) and it'd remove itself as I highlight things (so I would have to highlight the entire screen to remove this funny 'texture' completely off my wallpaper) hovering over to pre-highlight an icon would also remove this texture from around and in behind my desktop icons.

I ignored this until just then it happened mid session while I was on playing a game (may have been there for a few minutes unsure, as I'm fullscreen on my game etc.)
And despite highlighting things and moving my mouse around, it would not remove itself.
I fear the worst expecting to have to restart, but as I predicted, changing wallpaper got rid of the visual bug to my wallpaper, then changing it back to my wallpaper I normally used was fine.

Thanks for taking the time to read my odd issue, bit hard to search for problems like this as it's rather specific and there's always a lot of display issues. I've just never heard of one like this before. Hence my reasoning behind suggesting it's a OS issue with Windows 10.

Thanks again,

Images for reference:
(excuse me hiding all my icons, figured i'd just do it as it's not the focus regardless.)
One picture is when it happened just then and I couldn't get rid of the funny texture, note my wallpaper is visible at the very top however. Changing the wallpaper to something else then back resolved it though, unlike normal where on boot I can just highlight the entire screen and it'd fix itself. Included an image of what my wallpaper normally looks like.
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