I only ever get one of the default pictures -- either the river or the sand. This is even after a complete reinstall. I also wiped out as much personalization data as possible from Bing and the Microsoft Account management page.

They used to work fine, but I don't think they've appeared since 10074. I read that the directory for the lock screen images was changing, but deleting them doesn't fix the problem.

The images do download and appear. I can find them under Microsoft.ContentDeliveryManager, but they don't ever show up on the lock screen.

I also have trouble signing in to some apps, like Xbox. I'm worried it's a bigger problem with my account in general. They used to show up if I used a local account instead, but now that doesn't work either.

Anybody else had this problem? I can deal if it's a bug, I just want to know it's more than just me.