Hello Everyone-

The place that I work with is tasked with creating a customized tablet to have in our showrooms. We were planning to use the Surface Pro 4 with Windows 10 version 1607. We were successful locking down with what we wanted on the machine through Group Policy on a Windows 10 1511 test machine. We exported the 1511's .xml and tried to import onto a test machine with the 1607 build and just did not work.

The desktop/display screen was missing two customized videos we created as Internet Shortcuts, but more importantly after the export the 1607 was not locked down as much at the 1511 test machine. What I mean is in 1511 a customer would not have been able to access via a right click on the start menu the Control panel, Command Box, etc. Plus in the 1607 they were able to run searches by clicking on the magnifying glass in the task bar to pretty much access anything on the device.

Our goal for the 1607 device is for it to have Automatic Sign on through Group Policy with the each machine in one OU in AD and having one user name for that OU as well. So after the Automatic Sign on the employee could show a costumer tiles that have been customized with out Content but a child or anyone else could not access games, internet, or delete our tiles.

We just don't understand why it worked on the test machine with Windows 10 1511 but back fired on the 1607 test machine. We have tried to Use AppLocker but that has caused some wrenches on our test machines as well so we were going through Group Policy instead. Any advice and or guidance would be greatly appreciated.