Hello there,

Tile wallpapers do not behave the same way they did on Windows 7.

I often move from place to place with different second monitors, sometimes on my left and other times on my right.

To have different wallpapers on my screens, I used to have a tile wallpaper 3580*1200 (my main screen is 1600*900 and my second screen can be up to 1980*1200).
This way, as wallpaper was relative to my top left main screen on Windows 7, I always have the same wallpaper on the main screen, and the second wallpaper cropped from 1980*1200 to the actual screen size.

I hope you followed me till there, kinda hard to explain...
Now, on Windows 10, the tile wallpaper is relative to the top left corner of the top left screen, so if my second screen is on the right, everything is fine, but if my second screen is on the left, everything is screwed up.

Is there any tweak to set the tile wallpaper relative to top left MAIN screen on Windows 10?
Or maybe do you know a built-in way to maintain different wallpapers across screens?

Cheers :)