It's happened to me only twice. My screen going black. Once when I was using it and I had to restart. I have read that, it seems to be a issue for some.

It did not happen for a few more months. But I was away from my computer. But this time I only had to put my on button and it came on as if the computer was in sleep mode but my computer is not set to sleep.

Save with the screen saver the other day. It came on while I was away. This time I only had to move my house to get things going.

But I noticed storage usage in my computer decreased after that. It seems to go up and down but I am not as worried as my screen going off when I do not have my screensaver or sleep activated.

Has anyone else had any issues?

I do not know if this is a windows ten problem or a computer problem. Which I am looking into bringing my computer in. But I am just trying to figure things out myself.