I'm at a loss of trying to get something worked out here .. When I reboot the PC and it then ( or it USED to ) default to the photo of either The Beach scene thru a circular Rock.. or a Bike racing down a steep hill .. But instead it defaults to one of my three log in family names with the "sunlight streaming " thru the windows frame instead .. ( the graphic blue symbol (spotlight) of windows 10) .. I would like it to always default to one of the major login photos I'm trying to describe ..

Reason being is: I have three login names or members and the 'spotlight' always defaults to one of the family members , by defaulting to the photo and then clicking on it then brings up all three members to choose which one to log .. the way it is set up now the first name logged in is not set for any type of password so it is a two step method to change instead of one step with picture I describe above ..

I have tried to go into settings: personalized - and click around the features but it is not working .