Hi guys,

So recently, I upgraded to Windows 10 from Windows 7 and had some fun times with Rainmetere messing with my profile to the point I had to rip it out to get back into my profile (More about this later)

One of the problems I noticed was in the personalization, mostly with regards to background.

I set it to go to a specific location (Namely: C:\Themes\Wallpapers)

However, leaving the background and going back, I find it pointing to 'Pictures'. Which isn't where I want it pulling for backgrounds. I also find later on, the backgrounds are pulling from a different location, not even what I directed.

I try to reset it to point to the right location, on browse, it shows it is on the correct location. It shows on the GUI that it now points to the folder I specify, but again, leaving the background section and going back, it reverts back to 'Pictures'.

Any suggestions as to where to look that may be causing this behavior?