hi, I am new to this forums, so pardon my mistakes...
I would like to know how to change the default plain folder icons to custom folder as default...
I was able to change lots of icons using customisergod from door2windows... but i got stuck with "folders which have content inside" and "folder and sub folders" icon... here's my work so far...
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This is my computer screen, as u can see i was able to change those icons without any problems... but when i open a drive.. for ex
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i have created folder back and folder front thinking that was what was needed for the folder with contents to change...
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i tried to edit the icons in such a way as to replace the "folder back" and "folder front" with the custom ones.. but it wasnt working... i would be really happy if i could change the whole icon set to custom ones...

FYI: There are 5 icons for folders( Folder open, Folder Closed, Folder back, Folder front & "folder & subfolders"

Thanks in advance