Joined this forum to ask this question. Hopefully someone knows how. I finally decided to give in and let my desktop accept the Win 10 upgrade. Was reluctant about 10, but having been using it for two weeks now, it's wonderful. But in my enjoyment I found something particularly annoying, at least to me.

In the Win 10 Settings app (the screen designed to simplify the Control Panel, using huge and minimalistic buttons), I had changed my wallpaper and lockscreen wallpaper on a few different occasions. What I don't like, is how after changing to a new background, and even deleting the source image from which the background was taken off my computer, those thumbnails that you can click which sit beside the default preinstalled wallpapers retain my old backgrounds. How do I destroy my old backgrounds/wallpapers permanently so that they don't show up in the Settings app?

I had a somewhat similar issue with account pictures, until I discovered the file location where Windows hides them for future use. My problem is I can't find where Windows hid all of my old wallpapers and lockscreens, so that I may delete them indefinitely.

Anyone able to spare some wisdom?