We have a customized start menu pushed out via group policy. Our machines are also built via Audit mode and sysprep so very "cookie cutter"
We have one user who reported after an application crash they rebooted the machine and now one of the icons from the pushed start menu has disappeared. We tested forcing a GP Update and also removing the local copy of the profile in hopes it would push back down, but no change.

I have tested another user, same machine and got the same results and tested this user on another machine and no issues so I do have reasonable belief it is machine based.

I have tested removing the machine from the domain and re-adding it and no change. I felt at one point perhaps the DLL for the icon but the tile appears empty and not just a visual lack of icon, clicking the blank tile does nothing.
The user reported they got "some error" what I am guessing to be the path no longer is valid when they were disconnected from the network (physical cable issue) and may have chosen to remove the icon, but don't understand why the policy would not have replaced it.

I have also tested changing the modified date on the XML file on the domain in hopes the OS would see the difference and pull down a new copy, but this also made no difference.

Anyone seen this before?